Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet our Elf - Sonny

We have an Elf this year and Jack has named him Sonny. Sonny isn't the typical "Elf on the Shelf." We don't talk about how he flies to Santa to report on behavior - because, well, that would be tattle-telling...which I'm trying to avoid (a few years in 1st/K reminded me, it's not a good habit to start). So, instead, Sonny just hangs around our house. He's fun for the parents...not to mention, Jack & Josie both LOVE looking for him every morning.

Here is where Sonny was this week:
1. Reading his book
2. Swinging from the ceiling fan with Tink
3. Riding a Rhino
4. Chilling with his bros - Woody & Buzz
5. Eating marshmallows
6. Cheering for the Hoosiers
7. Hanging with the Big Man, Santa

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