Saturday, December 7, 2013

Instagram Pics

If you follow me on Instagram - sorry for the repeats...
On Thursday my kids were literally bouncing off the walls. I was trying to convince them to eat lunch - but they were wired. So Friday, we bundled up and went to a park near our house. It was 26 degrees outside...but that didn't stop Jack. He saw a "baseball field" (actually a softball field) and convinced me that we should play "pretend baseball." So I threw some pretend pitches {think the female version of Justin Verlander} and Jack hit some bombs {think a pint-sized version of Miguel Cabrera}. After 4 innings, I was frozen and declared him the winner. He did a victory lap...and we headed for the car.

Where was Josie? She was tromping around the bases at her own pace {think David Ortiz}.

The other day, while Jack was at school - Josie and I visited Panera for a cinnamon roll the size of our heads. In this picture - she believes she will get to eat the whole thing by herself. But a few minutes later I broke the news we were sharing. If you know or have known a 2 year old, you can imagine how that news was taken. She scowled at me from across the booth as I took bites.

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