Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hey, Santa...my kids don't like you.

Northville has a cute little house set up in the center of town for Santa. We paid him a visit on Sunday and, well, it didn't go that well. We stopped in first on our way to lunch. Neither kid wanted anything to do with Mr. Claus. Jack wouldn't even look at him.

So we went to lunch at a little homestyle restaurant...to discuss & regroup.

At lunch, Jack decided he might sit on Santa's lap if we went back.
So we went back.

 Jack was brave and talked to the Big Man this time. It was awkward toddler talk though:

Santa: What did you have for lunch?
Jack: Cheeseburger (said really fast)
Me: No, you didn't have a cheeseburger...
Jack: HOTDOG (again, said really fast)
Santa: Well, what do you want for Christmas?
Jack: A white talking cat.
Santa: {totally perplexed} Ohhhh, ok, well...

Meanwhile, Josie did a lot of crying. Someone please explain how my children are OBSESSED with a giant, creepy bunny... But afraid of a jolly old man who brings them presents?!?!
Look at Josie - she was practically RUNNING away from Santa. Can you see him waving to her from his house? She wasn't interested in waving back.

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