Monday, December 16, 2013

Sonny Brought a Gift

Last week our friend, Sonny the Elf, brought a Gingerbread House for us to eat decorate.
Jack was ALL about it. Josie was all about eating the candy. And that she did. So much so that she was removed from her decorating duties.
Jack proceeded and did a nice job.
FYI - I'm a fairly crafty person, but seriously - Gingerbread Houses are really hard to decorate. Ours definitely looked like a pack of 4 year olds did it...despite the adult help.
Josie was reinstated as a decorator...which, as you can see, made her a very happy girl.
But she proved that she didn't learn her lesson. See the nibbles? Those are thanks to Josie. Not sure what I expected so close to dinner time.
Here is the box. Jack wanted ours to look like the top you can tell, it did not. Seriously! Who decorated those? I call BS, Wilton.
Whatever. The end result was lots of smiles and a mild sugar high for the 2 year old.

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