Friday, April 25, 2014

Busy Bunnies

We were back in Fort Wayne for Easter Weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend and we had a great time with family & friends. On Friday I got to swing by Whispering Meadows (my old school) to see teachers and my {now} first graders. The kiddos gave me some interesting looks when they saw my belly. One of the first grade teachers joked that she would tell them "Mrs. Becker has really been hitting the Ho-Ho's hard lately..." Would love to hear what they tell their parents.
Saturday morning we stopped by for a play visit with Greta. She, like Josie, is preparing for a new role as BIG June! It was fun to watch these two play together.
Saturday was supposed to be a baby shower for cousin Billy's wife - Mallory. Unfortunately, the stars did not align and poor Mallory is on bed rest for a while. Baby Lynch was trying to make an early debut...and we can't have that...we're Becker's. Becker's are late...or at least RIGHT on time.

We went over to Aunt Linda & Uncle Bill's to eat the shower food {and cake}. Josie and Kinley got to go out for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was Josie's first of three.
The best way to describe Josie on an Egg Hunt is this: Imagine Nancy Becker at a HUGE Vera Bradley blowout sale. If you see a woman on a mission...who refuses to let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in her way - well, that was Josie, hunting eggs. Woman on a mission.
Kinley was looking for the pink eggs and was really thoughtful about sharing with Josie. They both had a fun time! It's so awesome that they're 2 weeks apart. Lots of fun ahead for these two!
Sunday morning we did Egg Hunt #2 {for Josie} and #1 for Jack.
This time - older brother proved to be stiff competition for Jos! But she still managed to get her fair share. I guess with two brothers in her life - I'm happy to know she will fend for herself just fine.
Sunday afternoon we joined the Becker Crew at Pine Valley for a brunch. We'll pretend that everyone was looking at the camera for the picture above...
Once again, both of my kids proved they are still OBSESSED with the creepy Easter Bunny. Jack was kissing it and yelling "I WUV YOU!" from all areas of the clubhouse. Embarrassing. Luckily, Nancy & Denny took over Bunny Duty - so Tyson and I could eat.
Jos and Kinley got to "play" together after lunch. Bubbles and running around on a golf course are the perfect combo for two busy girls!
Of course, the King of Busy was all about running! He found a hill to run up and down. Aside from a few grass stains - it was time well spent {mainly because he wasn't harassing the Easter Bunny}.

More pics to come from our visit to Warsaw!

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