Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Opening Day in the D!

Yesterday was Opening Day for Detroit Baseball and we were ready! It was also the first really nice day here - so we vowed to play outside as much as we could.

We spent time at the park downtown Northville...and it was about 50% snow free. Luckily we wore our boots.

We strolled around the park and the kids made friends with some dogs - who were taking their owners for a walk.

And then - I decided I didn't want to go home and make lunch, so I braved a local diner by myself with these two (at nap time). Note to self - don't ask Jack to say "CHEESE" with a mouth full of hamburger. Gross.
Of course - before we left Josie knocked a $200 painting off the wall. Awesome. I'm glad it didn't break - I'd rather not spend $200 on an oil painting of pears in a bowl.

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