Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Grandma Nancy headed back to Fort Wayne on Saturday morning...and about two hours later Tyson and I both agreed that she is welcome back ANY time. We spent the day being kind of lazy. Saturday night we toasted with Gator colored cupcakes. But sadly, Florida lost. And then Wisconsin lost. And NO ONE in this house was happy. Here's the thing about blue food coloring - when it comes out, it's still blue. So this morning Josie greeted me with a blue poo in her diaper...and that can only mean ONE thing: Kentucky must lose. (There, I said it.)
Sunday we got our behinds in gear and did some work around the house. The kids played outside ALL day and loved every minute of it.
Tyson was on a mission to clean out the garage...this is the AFTER picture, so you can imagine what the BEFORE picture looked like... I was on a mission to find my maternity clothes. At almost 21 weeks, I was involved in a heavy rotation of three pairs of jeans, some leggings, and about 8 shirts. Luckily I found all of them (or at least 85%) as I opened up the LAST box in the garage that was marked "Yard Tools" (note to self: don't believe the movers when they label boxes). Also, this is what happens when you move TWO times between pregnancies.
And finally, we officially welcomed SPRING by hanging up the snow shovel. Thanks for your hard work this winter, brother.

Oh wait, one more thing: it is NEVER okay to ask a pregnant woman if she is sure there is "only one baby in there" upon seeing her stomach & hearing her due date. Never okay.

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