Friday, April 4, 2014

Grandma Nancy to the Rescue

Thursday morning I had a morning ALL TO MYSELF...and it was glorious! Nancy is here visiting and she took Josie for the morning while Jack was at school. As you can see, I really LIVED it up! No, actually, at 20 weeks pregnant and kind of tired of fighting tantrums - a quiet spot in Starbucks with some tea and a book - were my idea of a "really fun morning."  I also managed to pick up some new books at the Library AND squeeze in a pedicure.
Meanwhile - Nancy & Josie visited The Doll Hospital (a toy store in Berkely, MI) and then enjoyed a burger at Bagger Dave's. Josie returned home for nap time...and it was Jack's turn for a treat with Grandma.
Jack went to a toy store in Plymouth, MI (see a theme here? Grandma Nancy loves Toy Stores) and then a trip back to Northville for some ice cream.

God Bless her...she has BOTH kids today! Tyson and I are sitting in a quiet house and it's weird. Awesome, but weird.

Have a great WEEKEND!

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