Saturday, April 26, 2014

23 Weeks - Busy Baby & RAOK reminder

I had my 23 week appointment yesterday and I made the mistake of dragging both kids along with me. Never again. Josie waited until I was securely fastened into the blood pressure cuff before she bolted down the hallway - laughing the entire time. Hilarious? No. Then Jack announced that he was "bored" while I chatted with the midwife. Thank you, Dear Children. Your manners are impeccable.

In other news - the midwife tried to find a heartbeat for our little guy...but every time she found it, he moved or kicked. Finally she said, "okay, he's in there...things sound good, but I'm not going to chase him around." Seriously. I looked over at my "bored" four year old and thought "HERE WE GO AGAIN." Check out THIS POST from my 23 week appointment with Jack {October 2009} - I kid you not...SAME THING! Freaky! Anyone who knew Tyson as a child and knows Jack now...knows the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Silver Lining: Baby Brother will have Jack to keep him busy and Josie to keep him in line {unless she runs away}.
Finally, today would have been Christian's 3rd birthday...and it's a great day to make someone smile! Do a RAOK in his memory! 

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