Monday, April 28, 2014

Visit to Warsaw

We spent some time in Warsaw after Easter and it was so great to see my family. We hadn't seen Joe, Gina, and the kiddos since Christmas! Too long! Jack discovered the awesomeness of dominoes. He loved setting them up and watching them fall.
Sunday afternoon all the kiddos did an Egg Hunt in my parents' yard. Jack, Amelia, and Josie had fun searching.
Emma discovered there was chocolate inside...and she was just interested in eating everything she could before her parents caught onto her.
People think I'm kidding when I tell them Josie wants NOTHING to do with babies or her mommy having a baby. This is proof. She was playing on the golf course with her cousins when she spied me holding Walker. I heard shrieks of "NOOOO, MAMA!" And the next thing I know, she's bawling and trying to push Walker off my lap. We have a very jealous little girl.
On Monday, everyone was the kids and I spent some time at Winona Lake Park. Then we had lunch with Grandpa, napped, and spent some time with Katie (Beehler) Maile and her two boys. She just had baby #2 - Beckett Matthew. Surprisingly, Josie handled me holding him much better than expected.
 Fearless Jack.
Jack re-discovered golf and LOVED it! He convinced Grandpa to give him some lessons. I'm not going to call him a Tiger Woods type prodigy - but I will say that he can hit it! Perhaps Grandma & Grandpa would be interested in hosting Jack this summer for Golf Camp!?!?
On Tuesday Gina & I teamed up for a fun morning of play. Five kiddos, 4 and under...(with #6 on the way). We might be crazy. It was so fun to see all of them play together. Jack and Millie are a match made in heaven...while Josie & Emma proved (in typical middle child fashion) they are happy entertaining themselves. Walker was just happy.

So fun to see so many people we love! We hope people will come visit us in Michigan this summer! It's really a great place - when we don't have perpetual snow on the ground!

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