Thursday, June 26, 2014

32 Weeks

I'm a terrible pregnant blogger. I don't think I've said much about Baby #3 on here at all. So here is my obligatory "baby post" for this pregnancy.

  • I'm 32 weeks along and feeling great. Aside from leg cramps and being tired - I really feel good. Being pregnant is hard on a woman's body and I feel fortunate that my body doesn't HATE pregnancy.
  • That being said...pregnant at 32 is harder than it was at 27 {with Jack}.
  • This baby alternates between being super busy/active and being really lazy. Some days I have to remind him to move around in there.
  • I'm seeing the Midwives at the University of Michigan and I've been SO happy with the care I'm receiving. Everything is very focused on ME and how I'm feeling. They are also very laid back. Appointments feel less like a "medical" appointment and more like a consultation.
  • That being said...they can have a VERY hands off approach...which makes Tyson a little nervous. A few weeks ago I jokingly told one of them that I was worried I'd give birth along M-14 (the highway we will travel to get to the hospital).  She calmly went on to explain step-by-step instructions for delivering along the road. My eyes were probably huge. But I know now that I need to put a lot of clean towels & blankets in my car...Got it.
  • Baby Brother is still un-named. We have a name that we both really like...but I haven't fully embraced it. (NO - it's not a J name) Boy names are really hard for me.
  • Jack and Josie are getting more excited about the baby. This is great, especially for Josie! She has started to pay attention to other babies (when we're out) and seems to want to be helpful.
That's it. My prep for Baby #3 is definitely different than it was for Baby #1. I really need to find all of Jack's newborn clothes...eventually...  And I should probably pick up a pack of diapers. Other than that - I think I'm good. Baby Brother will be thrown into our family as we continue to fly through life...hopefully he'll adjust, because, unfortunately,  no one will be slowing down too much for his arrival.

And don't worry - I'll get those clean towels & blankets in the car...eventually.

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