Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Indy Trip

Tyson and I had a wedding in Indy this past weekend - so we left the kids with Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Denny...and headed south.
We met up with my Dad's side of the family to celebrate Connor's graduation from Westfield High School. He's heading off to Ball State this fall!
Gigi got a big hug from Elliott. Jack would have had so much fun playing with him during the party.
After a quick celebration - we made our way downtown to see BROOKE & MIKKEL! The bride and groom both went to Kelley with Tyson & Mik...and now live in Royal Oak! So Michigan friends reunited!
The ceremony was held at the Indiana Statehouse. It's gorgeous! A very fun setting for a wedding.

Somehow Brooke & I always manage to have one of us - either pregnant or breastfeeding when we get together. Someday - we'll both be past those "mommy" days and we'll really live it up! Advance warning, husbands.
The reception was held at the Indiana State Museum....which opened up for us after dinner. It was interesting to walk around and see all of Indiana's history. Took me back to 4th Grade. Mik and I also took some time to dig up mastodon bones.
Tyson and I got our picture taken with Fred - the Mastodon found in Fort Wayne!
We miss them...and their children.
And finally - a picture with the bride & groom - Alex and Amanda! Congrats to them on their journey as husband & wife!

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