Thursday, June 5, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

My children provide endless entertainment...even in moments when I'm ready to not be entertained. They're still there...entertaining. Sometimes it's in the form of play, or pretending to feed me ice cream...or all out fist fights. There is never a dull moment if they're awake.
And then - there are the after-dinner Dance Parties. Jack really shines during those! See for yourself:
{FYI: the song Gangnam Style is about a wealthy area of Seoul, Korea - the singer, Psy, talks about how this area is classy during the day, but can get crazy at night. There aren't any bad words in the song, unless you count the word "sexy"...which we don't...because we have plenty of REAL bad words to worry about instead.}

And for the record - Jack's teachers informed me that he sings this song at school...when it's time to line up to leave. That was slightly embarrassing. Sometimes, however, he sings Europe's "The Final Countdown"...which is actually very appropriate. Luckily, his teachers find his musical talents, well...entertaining!

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