Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Fun & Carnie's

On Friday morning I told Jack to run upstairs to get himself dressed. He came down looking like this... His shorts are on backwards. I didn't say anything. I'll just chalk it up to his "summer look."
My friend, Erin, has made charts like this one for a couple years now. I have a feeling this summer might feel like it's dragging on and I want to make sure we squeeze in as much "fun" as we can before Baby Brother arrives. So, I made a Summer Fun Chart - and hope it keeps me motivated for the next two months.
 Saturday night we enjoyed dinner out in Northville with the Festa Family. There was a carnival in town - so we walked to that after dinner. Quite the experience. The kids LOVED the rides.
And the Carnie games...

Oh - and the Cotton Candy. 

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