Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DePauw 10 Year Reunion Weekend

Tyson and I were back in Greencastle last weekend for our 10 year Reunion. It was great to be back on campus!
My two besties from Alpha Phi were there too...Kelly and Georgianne. We spent lots of time sitting on the Alpha Phi porch swings and catching up. We're all pregnant - so there was plenty of water being consumed, lots of delicious Marvin's (GCB), and plenty of "pregnancy talk."  Their husbands - Eric (Kelly) and Josh (Georgianne) were good sports as we shared WAY too much info about our bodies and reminisced about our days in college.
We had a great dinner with the other 2004 Alpha Phi girls on Saturday night. We really brought the "party" to the reunion! I'm due 8/21, George is due 8/28, and Kelly is due 11/24. Of course, I had to make all the soon-to-be babies matching onesies...because I'm a nerd like that...
You'll notice I have ZERO pictures of my husband. He had a ton of Beta Boys back for the weekend and they were busy....doing fraternity boy things...  I did see him a few times, but never long enough for a picture together. Regardless, we were there. DePauw is where it all began...

For the record - I'm already planning to really LIVE IT UP for the 15 year reunion! I was pregnant with Jack at our 5 year, too. I'm due for a SUPER crazy time (which by then will probably mean 2 glasses of wine and then bed).

BIG thanks to Nancy & Denny - who pulled off TWO weekends in a row of babysitting duties. Jack and Josie had fun with you!

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