Friday, June 6, 2014

Wardrobe Wars

Yesterday Josie and I had an all-out War over Wardrobe. It was a defining moment for me, as a mom and a daughter.

Here is what happened: I picked out Josie's outfit...striped shirt & red tutu. At the sight of the red tutu, Josie said "NO" and requested the pink tutu. But knowing we were getting in the car...and the pink tutu doesn't fit in the carseat, I said NO and redirected her to the red. Thus began the all out tantrum. I stood there completely dumbfounded.

I've been dressing/picking out clothes for Jack for four and a half years and we have NEVER, NOT ONE TIME - had a fight about clothes.
Finally, compromised and settled on the purple tutu. But - like a typical girl - she was still mad at me. There was still crying and she even ran to her room...slamming the door behind her. WHHHHHAAAT?!?! My mind flashed forward 12 years and I wanted to assume the fetal position in the corner. I'm dreading it. 

Now I understand why my parents spent so much money on my clothes in middle school & high school. My mom took me shopping...actually, quite a bit. But because she was present and paying - she basically controlled my wardrobe. While it may have been expensive, they avoided watching me walk out the door in daisy dukes and a crop top!

I tucked that piece of information away after yesterday's Wardrobe War.

Luckily, I had support at the form of Mikkel (working in DET from Iowa). He confirmed that Molly is also very particular about what she wears. Joe also confirmed that Amelia voices her opinions...even on PJs. I feel better about the whole thing.

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