Friday, June 20, 2014


We have had some storms this week...which has resulted in lots of indoor playtime. Jack is an expert "house" builder with the couch cushions. He also thinks it's cool to wear his MY sunglasses inside... What's up with that?
Mommy and Josie Selfie
On Wednesday I knew we all needed some fresh air and outside play time. So we put on the rain boots and looked for some puddles to jump in.
Jack was all about it. Didn't have to tell him twice. Josie, on the other hand, thought I'd lost my mind. Eventually she got in the puddle jumping groove.
 After the kids were soaked and worn out - we took some pictures on the front steps...because - AHEM - my flowers are looking REAL nice (a little droopy in these pics bc of rain, but I assure you - REAL NICE). The kids are cute, too. But seriously. The flowers.
Ok - no, the kids are cute. They had a fun time and Jack was asleep by 7:15. That never happens.

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