Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Attention Michigan Department of Child Services

If you are looking for attention from your local D.C.S - just haul two toddlers, two carts, and about 8 months worth of beer & pop cans into your local Meijer... Oh and BONUS points if you also are pulling off the pregnant waddle. This is what I did on Monday. Let's just say - eyebrows were raised.
Don't get me wrong - I BIG heart, LOVE recycling! I really do. I recycle the crap out of stuff. But Michigan has this lovely thing called pay $.10 per can when you buy any drink in a glass bottle, aluminum can, or plastic container (2ltr).  Then, once you've consumed the drink...piled them up for months in your return them to your local grocery store to get your money back. It's a HUGE pain in the butt. Obviously, I hate doing it - since I let them pile up for months.
I put Jack to work on the aluminum cans, while Josie helped me with the glass (oh yes - separate recycling machines). He picked up a tall Bud Light can and yelled, "Hey Mom, yook at this really BIG beard can." Beard can. I replied with a simple, "Yup" and shot a glance at the two other women who were recycling. Don't judge me because my four year old knows what a "beard can" is, lady.
Jack was a diligent worker! He did a really good job! Josie was a little less trustworthy.
Probably because I was pretty sure she was going to get her arm caught in the machine...thus, really sparking an investigation from D.C.S. Good news - we're all set for another 6-8 months! By then I'll be hauling 3 children with me...but the silver lining is: Once I'm finished, I can enjoy a cold one. 

Dear Michigan: I will recycle even if you don't make me. Just ask Indiana. XOXO Kady

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