Friday, December 4, 2009

Home Sick

I have been battling a respiratory "something or other" for over a week. Yesterday, my doctor told me to GET SOME MEDS! I just hate putting unnecessary chemicals in my body while our Little Guy is still developing. Today, I decided I couldn't take the runny nose any longer - so I headed to CVS.

I discovered that many "older folks" enjoy frequenting CVS during the day and they have A TON of questions for the pharmacist. They question prices, dosage, side effects, etc. I waited in line behind two ladies - who both decided to play 20 questions with the pharmacy tech. After 15 minutes, I finally handed over my prescription - only to find out it would be a 15 minute wait. So I settle in between my two elderly friends. As we sat there in silence, I realized we probably had a lot in common. I thought about striking up a conversation about sore hips/joints, constipation, frequent trips to the bathroom at night... They probably could have offered some great advice. However, I soon realized that both were nodding off in their chairs. Oh well. Thank God for my Blackberry.

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  1. someday you will be "elderly" also and fall asleep just about any place... I am not "that elderly" and I think I could fall alseep in a pharmacy also.... if I sit down, I want to sleep... be careful, you might be wishing for some shut eye soon also. Love ya,


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