Sunday, December 6, 2009

William Beaumont

Today - while all wrapped up in "Baby Mode" - we took our Hospital Tour at William Beaumont Hospital (right here in Royal Oak). It took us 11 minutes from door to parking garage, though I am confident - when faced with contractions - it will seem like the drive is a lot longer.

The hospital "campus" is HUGE, but we easily found the South Tower where our little guy will be born. The entire facility is very nice, very up-to-date, and well laid-out! We saw the triage area, a labor & delivery room, and the postpartum rooms. Though we had already heard a lot of the information they gave us (thanks to new-mommy-friends) - we feel more confident knowing what to expect and where we will be staying. Tyson was happy to see a Starbucks, I was happy to see a Ben & Jerry's! (priorities)
Here is a picture of the hospital.
And here is my "team" of doctors. One of these ladies will be bringing Baby Becker into the world!

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