Thursday, December 3, 2009

32 weeks...or 33 weeks?!?!

I had my bi-monthly appointment today. As I spoke to the doctor about various concerns/ailments... she mentioned that I was 33 weeks along. I corrected her - and said, "No, actually I'm 32 weeks." She looked back at my ultrasounds and said that I'm 33 weeks - based on the measurements and my last missed period.

Here's the thing...I will let THEM believe I am a week ahead - But what they don't know about me is that my OCD allows me to know the exact date this child was conceived (I could also probably tell you what chapter I was reading in Breaking Dawn (Twilight) that night and what I had for dinner). Anyway - they believe he will arrive on or around 1/21 and I believe it will be 1/26. We will see who is correct.

In other Baby Becker news - he has taken after the Becker side of the family and is already "in position." No breech baby here! (Sidenote: all three Clevengers were breech, thus resulting in 3 C-sections for my poor mother) We hope he stays head down for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Tyson and I have a hospital tour scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I'm excited to see the facility (it's HUGE!). Tyson will be practicing his "route" - so he is prepared for the BIG day. Maybe I should also require a trial run at night...just in case.

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  1. oh fun!! I loved going to the hosptial, it made it seem so real!! Macy's birthday is 1/22 so maybe he'll be born then!! so funny that they are now claiming you're ahead a week... those crazy doctors, do they realize they are talking to a pregnant woman?! : ) Enjoy Christmas this year without the craziness of a child!


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