Sunday, May 30, 2010

Clevenger Family Fun

(Karley - OPEN YOUR EYES!)

We attended the first-ever Clevenger Family "Christmas" (in May) event today. It was a beautiful, hot day! The food was great, the games were fun, the kids were cute, and the heimlich was performed. (Grandma choked on hamburger and Jen saved her life. Jen = Superwoman)
We made Grandpa hold Jack to determine who had less hair. Jack was the winner. We'll check back in a few months (or if he is anything like his momma, a few years)
Four generations of "Clevenger" genes. The blue eyes are strong, I'm tellin' ya. Notice how excited Jack is to learn he is 50% Clevenger.
Matching IU hats. Gramps is his buddy. They enjoy singing Beta songs together. Sadly, the other day I was going to sing him Alpha Phi songs, but couldn't think of any - so I sang Beta songs from my childhood (I know WAY more than Tyson)
Hanging out with Aunt Gina and Uncle Joe.

Thank you for a wonderful day, Grandma & Grandpa! XOXOXO

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