Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Go Ahead and Nominate Me...

...for Mom of the Year. Or call CPS.

So, this morning I laid Jack on the couch - in his "usual spot" on his blankets. I was getting a bowl of cereal, letting the dogs out, picking up, etc. All of the sudden I hear a "flop" sound and look over to see Jack sprawled out on the floor, on his belly. Of course, I screamed. He just lifted his head and looked around. Then when I swept him up, he started bawling and my heart broke. After a minute or so, he was back to his smiley self. And everything seemed to be in good working order.

There are a couple things I should note about this experience.
1) Yes, I have learned my lesson. Trust me.

2) It appeared as if he walked to the edge of the couch and then dove off - belly flop style - onto the floor. He was a surprising distance from the couch.

3) Please keep in mind that he is the first born. All of his younger siblings will have to endure his torture growing up (however, in rare cases - the youngest will inflict pain and scars on the older siblings, as was the case in my family...sorry, but the truth hurts, Jon). So - while I still feel horrible...I believe this experience will make him a "stronger person."

4) In the words of Jerry Clevenger - "All babies bounce."

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  1. and bounce and bounce and bounce...Trust me Kady, we ALL have similiar stories to this one and all of our kids have survived. Jack probably bounced and rolled! A great football move!!


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