Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a fairly lazy, laid-back weekend for us. Jack was active though! He amazes us each day with how much he is learning and changing.

Last night he started crying at 3:00am. When I went to check on him, he was completely on his side and about one second from rolling himself over. Afraid that he would...and I wouldn't know - I brought him into our room. When I got up this morning I put him in his crib while I ate breakfast. After about 15 minutes of no noise I went to check on him and he was on his belly - a foot from where I had left him. He was holding his head up high and making little grunts so he could see out of his crib.

And finally, today during his nap - he apparently took part in the Hokey Pokey because he was completely turned around when I found him.
My baby is becoming more mobile. It's crazy and scary and wonderful - all at the same time.

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