Monday, May 17, 2010

Shots of Jack (& Molly)

I can't help but think how cute these two will be in 18 - wait...I mean, 30 years - when they can start dating. (Or perhaps they will just be best buddies.) Either way, they are already showing signs of being an "old married couple."
Molly: "Jack, you should lay off the bottle. You're getting a belly."
Jack: "Hey -back off, lady."
Molly: "Look at my mom. Isn't she funny?"
Jack: "No. Tell her to stop making those faces. And tell my mom to stop too."
Molly: "Jack, want to go to the mall with me? I need to find a dress."
Jack: "No, I'd rather watch paint dry. Go ahead and go. My credit card is on the table"
Molly: "Sweeeet!"

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  1. Cute, Cute, Cute! Jack and Molly are such a cute little couple... they will end up being good friends for sure.... Thanks for these darling pictures!


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