Saturday, May 15, 2010

Following Doctor's Orders

I have been making a better effort to have Jack nap in his crib for every nap. And lately, he has been falling asleep in his crib at night and then coming into our room when he wakes (usually between 2-3am).

Well, I am happy to report that last night he fell asleep in his crib at 8:30pm - and didn't wake up until 6:20am! Breakthrough.

I will also report that I cried myself to sleep last night because he was in the other room. I know, I know...most of you think I'm losing it. Here's the thing - I just love him being little. I know when he moves to his own room, it's forever...and he won't be my tiny baby sleeping next to me anymore. (he'll be my baby sleeping 20ft away) You can remind me of this when he's 3 and crawling into bed with us every night.

In June I am going to Indy for a night - as in ONE night, less than 24 hours. I'm already feeling anxious about it. I have a month to get myself ready. Waterproof mascara is on my To-Do list.

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