Friday, January 17, 2014


Thirty-two years ago today - I made my grand entrance (via emergency c-section in blizzard conditions). Like my own children, it seems we have an affinity for arriving in snow storms. So it was fitting that Tyson came home Wednesday with an Oreo ICE CREAM cake.

You know what's awesome? Friends who call your husband at work to remind him it may be a good idea to bring a cake home. Thanks, Brooke!

Tyson was kind of in the dog house on Wednesday. It's not really his fault - but he's traveling for work again. And this time he's in my all-time favorite place - Bloomington. (yes, I'd probably choose a trip to Bloomington over Vegas.)
And - if you're like me - you may have realized a common theme. 1) When Tyson leaves we get snow. 2) When Tyson leaves, someone celebrates a birthday.
Luckily, I had two little helpers who were eager to shovel with me. We cleared the driveway and came inside for dinner.
Tyson will be home later tonight (praying for safe driving, as I know Indiana had snow too). And he can make up his absence by getting me donuts in the morning. See - I'm really quite easy to please. Oreo ice cream cake & donuts...the keys to a 32 year old woman's heart.


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