Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swim School

Tyson and I made the decision around Christmas that Jack desperately needed swim lessons. We spend WAY too much time near water and - well, swimming is just one of those life skills YOU.MUST.LEARN. Fortunately we have a "swim school" nearby and every single person I've talked with - has LOVED their experience there. So we signed him up...and watched him cry. He cried through two sessions - which, we also hear, is very "typical."
Yesterday I talked up his lesson all afternoon: "You're going to be so brave!" "You can show Mr. Peter what a great swimmer you are." "I know you won't cry today."  He was a little teary when we got out of the car...but by the time he walked on the pool deck - he was all smiles. And it probably helped that his Daddy showed up to surprise him!
He wore his goggles (improvement!) and gave lots of enthusiastic thumbs up.
And he went all the way under (a few different times!). It was a very big improvement.
He even got a ribbon - which is hanging on the refrigerator.  He was all smiles...very proud of himself...and we were proud of him, too!


  1. Stop that's the most adorable name for a swim school. Yay go Jack!!

    1. I think Floyd would benefit from some lessons. :)


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