Friday, January 10, 2014

In the Ditch

Well, it seems someone - me - was a little excited to get Jack to PreSchool on Thursday. We were going down a hill into the town of Northville and I hit black ice. Let me just tell you - there is nothing more scary than knowing you've lost control of your car with your babies inside. Nothing. We slid sideways, then started to get control but ended up in a huge snow drift in the ditch. God was watching out for us because 1) no cars were coming up the hill, 2) we ended up on the other side of the road but completely OFF the road, 3) the kids had no idea anything had happened. Of course, I was crying - only because I felt like a terrible mother. Luckily OnStar was quick about sending a police officer and he got a tow truck to help me within 15 minutes. There wasn't a scratch on my car...and the four year old in the backseat was PUMPED because he got to see a "real policeman and a tow f&%$." Thanking God - for sure. Oh - and Jack made it to school by 10am. You didn't think I was going to let a little "accident" stop me from getting him to school, did you?
He spent the rest of the day lecturing me about how I need to "drive slow, Mommy...there could be back ice and you could slide off the road." Seriously, he has told me that 25 times. He also shared the story with his class. Awesome.

Out of the blue - he has a new obsession with hockey. We don't watch hockey. We actually turn the channel when it comes on ESPN. But somehow he has managed to discover it. Damn you, Michigan. The only person I know - who is happy about this is Carrie Norton.
And finally, after being gone since early Sunday morning - Tyson surprised me and came home a day early! Perhaps the text from the ditch was his motivation. Whatever it was - we are SOOOO happy to have him home again. Above you'll see Jack pretending he's on an airplane going to Florida. He read my mind.

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