Monday, January 6, 2014

Another Snow Post

Everyone I know - except Uncle Jon & our Florida Friends - is SNOWED in somewhere. Yesterday the snow started falling right after Tyson jetted off for Vegas...and it kept falling...and falling...and falling. We spent the morning coloring (Josie) and being a pain in the you-know-what (Jack).
By nap time (Josie) - I just wanted Jack outside. So he helped me shovel and then we went sledding.
Josie woke up and joined us - she wasn't impressed with the snow storm. I think it's safe to say Jack is a true Michigander, while Josie is just faking it (until she can convince her daddy to move her some place warm).
This is the view from our front window today. Tyson couldn't believe how much snow we've gotten in 24hr. Thanks to a VERY kind neighbor - our driveway is clear. And I cleared a path to our front door. We can't have anything holding up Amazon deliveries.

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