Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Celebrating

The birthday boy joined me in bed at 5:10 yesterday. I didn't complain because not only did I get some early snuggles, I also got to sleep in until 8:30!
Jack got a few birthday cards and even some MONEY. It's burning a hole in his pocket. He also got some special phone calls & text messages. He felt the love.
After dinner - we FaceTimed Uncle Joe, Aunt Gina, Amelia, & Emma - so they could join me in singing "Happy Birthday." I don't think Josie participated. She was way more interested in catching up with her girls.
Jack blew out his four candles...and then proceeded to eat his cupcake (and MINE!). Little thief.
Before bed we watched some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Birthday Boy's choice)...
Then he said, "Mommy - I want to kiss you." And he licked my face. Four year old humor is so mature. (Why can I picture this happening throughout his life? I'm pretty sure he will always find this funny.)

Also - we send GET WELL SOON love to Grandpa Jerry (who is having minor back surgery today). And I'm celebrating the fact that school is back in session! High fives to the moms out there who have been off their schedule for WAY too long. Get to learning' kids.

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