Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ninjas & Hockey

On Saturday we had another birthday celebration for Jack. This time his Daddy was there...and his Grandma Nancy. Not to mention - he got a pretty sweet TMNT cake.
He was in four year old HEAVEN. After cake (and a shirt change), Nancy stayed with Josie while Tyson and I took Jack on a special birthday date.
We have a minor league hockey team just down the street and we thought Jack would like to see a real hockey game. Well, I wish I could say he was all smiles...unfortunately, it was lots of tears. The arena was pretty loud and he didn't want to WATCH hockey, he wanted to PLAY it.
Luckily (I guess), a fight broke out in the first 5 minutes. That was it. He was hooked. A sport where you can play hard and hit people...sounds like a dude thing. But honestly, he thought it was funny that the two players had to go to the penalty box (or as he imagined it - Time Out).
We stayed through most of the second period - then came home to open presents. If you recall all of the birthday gifts Josie got from Grandma & Grandpa Becker...just imagine that again.

We had fun and Jack is still obsessed with PLAYING hockey...but he hasn't mentioned going to another game. Honestly, if he sticks with baseball - I'd be happy.

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