Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rain, Rain

We had some rain in the forecast last week...and I refuse to complain about it because - AT LEAST IT WASN'T SNOW! So we filled our days with more "indoor" activities - like play dough!
Rainy mornings make it hard for Josie to get out of bed...Nope, wait...That's just EVERY morning. I swear to you, she is a teenager trapped in a two year old's body.  I have to wake her up to get Jack to school on time and I'm always met with flailing arms and shouts of "NO NO MOMMY!" Gosh, I can't wait until she's in high school.
Last Wednesday we observed Epilepsy Awareness Day by wearing purple for our friends Greta (Carrie's daughter) and Finn (my Alpha Phi sister's son). If you want to know more about Epilepsy and Seizure Awareness you can click HERE or to learn about Dravet Syndrome click HERE.

Have a great week!

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