Monday, July 7, 2014

Soccer Season Wrap Up

Blogging has taken a backseat to pregnancy...which is sad. My apologies. Between heartburn, leg cramps, and some pretty strong Braxton Hicks two kids and my Etsy shop...this mama is reaching her limit. If I make it to August, it will be a minor miracle.
My parents came a couple weekends ago for Jack's last soccer game. They brought these donuts with them...they're called Rise n Roll donuts. The are AMAZING. You can trust me, I know donuts. They literally melt in your mouth. My family refers to them as "crack." So, we may be under surveillance by the FBI... {NSA/FBI - again, just so we are clear, these donuts are addictive and unreal. I've never done crack - because Whitney told me it's whack... When I refer to "crack" it's either in reference to these donuts or my child's pants falling off}
 Moving on...Jack had his last soccer game and he was SO proud of his trophy. He had a great season and learned a lot about the game of soccer. He will play in a fall league starting in September.
Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Shirlee came for Jack's last game. He LOVES having an audience.
After soccer and the pool - we enjoyed lunch out in Northville, followed by ice cream.
Josie was just super pumped about her rainbow ice cream...because she's the girliest girlie girl I know.

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