Thursday, July 10, 2014

Detroit: more than what you hear in the news...

My mom mentioned that she had never seen downtown Detroit (random fact: her mom, my Grandma Walker, was born in Detroit). So, we packed everyone up and headed downtown.  My parents got to see the building where Tyson works. And the kids discovered the Splash Pad along the River Walk.
Despite being fully dressed...and lacking towels - we went ahead and told them they could run through the water. A) It was hot. B) They're kids & you're only a kid once. C) If I didn't despise clingy wet clothes - I would have been in the water, too.
Because it was so hot - we squeezed out the excess water from shirts & shorts/tutus...and let the kids air dry with a stroll down the River.
Grandpa Jerry treated us to a pre-lunch ice cream treat (we were breaking all the rules that day) and then a carousel ride. After filling our bellies with a DELICIOUS lunch from the famous Slows Bar BQ Restaurant, we headed back to Northville for naps.

It was a fun day and it was great to show my parents a different side of Detroit.  Our home is open to visitors who want to experience Detroit for themselves. Free room & board in exchange for childcare & laundry. (kidding. kinda.)

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