Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Fun List: The Zoo

On Wednesday the "polar vortex" had settled into Michigan and I, along with every other VERY pregnant woman, was THRILLED. Polar Vortex in the Winter = BAD. Polar Vortex in the Summer = glorious relief. So I told the kids it was a ZOO day. We loaded up and headed back to good ol' Royal Oak. Before the zoo we had to say HI to our old house and then I needed a Sonic fix.
The zoo was great! Busy, but great! Because the weather was cooler - the animals were all more active, which is always fun. The Grizzly Bears were hilarious. Let's just say they gave Jack some new "potty talk" material (what is it with boys and their obsession with poop??).
I was hauling 70+ pounds of children in the wagon, so when I saw an opening for some Soft Serve ice cream - I ordered it!
We took a carousel ride before leaving for the day. Of course, no visit to the zoo is complete without a Zoo Tantrum. (Previously seen HERE and HERE.) Josie threw quite the fit getting off her Nemo Fish. Lots of stares and head turns...but I just smiled, because I know the truth. Zoo Fits are in our DNA. Good thing we have Baby #3 coming along to carry on the tradition.

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