Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last Weekend at the Lake

First - a quick Baby Boy update...still cooking, but things are "moving." He's dropped down, making walking and sleeping (and living) uncomfortable. I did, however, pack the hospital bags...because every single day I think "TODAY COULD BE THE DAY" and then immediately think, "God, I hope it's not today...I'm not ready."
Last weekend we ventured to the lake. It's a "safe place" mainly because it is about an hour and a half from the hospital. Jack and Josie were excited for a weekend away.
We had a fun time. Saw some friends and enjoyed time with Nancy & Denny. Uncle Devin & Aunt Kristin on making a long trek from Idaho this week...and Uncle Jon is coming for a visit early next week, too! So much family time coming up! We are very excited!
When we're at the lake - Cooper just likes sleeping. I woke up to him, instead of Tyson, on Sunday morning. He's such a momma's boy.

Sunday before we left for Northville - we had quite the scare. Tyson was emptying the kiddie pool and some water ran down into a yellow jacket nest (in the ground). We had no idea it was there. Jack was running by the lake and the next thing we knew he was screaming and running full speed, swatting at his head. He got attacked by the yellow jackets. It was definitely scary, since he'd never been stung before...and he got stung EIGHT times! We watched him for swelling.  After a bit we decided to go to an Urgent Care just to make sure things were okay. The wait at Urgent Care was over an hour. Jack was acting/feeling fine, so we stopped at Walgreens for some cortisone cream, benedryl, and a cherry Ring Pop. He reported that the Ring Pop was what made him feel all better. Phew!

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