Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Uncle Jon Visits Michigan

Uncle Jon was in the "North" for a friend's wedding, so he flew out of Detroit and came to Northville for a quick visit. Yesterday, he took on the Hands On Museum with us. It was on our Summer Fun List and I knew it wasn't happening unless I had an extra hand. Jon was awesome!
He and Josie played at the water table for a long time! She couldn't get enough.
 Jack was ALL OVER that place and had SO much fun discovering new things.
 He and Uncle Jon launched a rocket. Jack thought that was pretty great.
He also discovered the hologram of a little boy in an old-time General Store. Jack was so confused why the boy wasn't answering him when he yelled, "Hey BOY - what's your name?"
Before we left - we had one more visit to the water table. Josie was soaked, but she didn't care. She was just happy to be having so much fun with Uncle Jon.
For lunch - we hit up an Ann Arbor favorite, Zingerman's Deli. Holy cow. SO good. But really pricey! In the end, Jon and I agreed it was worth the money. (Please ignore my "man-she-really-looks-pregnant-state")

Uncle Jon read the bedtime stories and it was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.
And then he read a funny part of the book, with such enthusiasm - both kids CRACKED up!
Seriously. How great is Josie's belly laugh? We hope Uncle Jon comes back soon! He has a new nephew to meet...any day now...any day...

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