Saturday, July 19, 2014

What's Been Going On?

Since my blogging has been slacking a bit lately...I thought I share what's been going on in the Becker House lately...
Josie is obsessed with tutus (her addiction is currently being filled by BOTH of her grandmas). She also received a "princess" nightgown from Greta and it must be worn EVERY night. Above you can see her reaction to learning it was in the wash. She wasn't happy.

Question: How did someone so ANTI-pink, ANTI-princess end up with a daughter who loves both?? Funny joke, Universe.
We've been playing outside...unless I'm on the brink of a pregnant-woman-meltdown (Tyson knows all about these) and then we stay in the A/C. On this day - Jack was hitching a ride with Josie - who is a terrible driver, I should add.
Tucker is tired. He dreams of living at the lake...where someone is 100% dedicated to throwing his ball for him.
Nancy and Denny came up for a Jack & Josie fix. Josie accompanied Grandpa to buy a new car, while Jack went to Flint with Grandma to pick up some of Aunt Kristin's art.
I was told - about 6 months ago - about a local grocery store that allows customers to shop online and then pick up their groceries curbside at a set time. I held off...until Monday. I decided on our menu for the week, placed my order Sunday night, and arrived at the store at my set time. I called the number and told them I was there for a pick-up. The man came out to check my ID - because I bought beer for Tyson. Then returned a few minutes later to load my order in my car. This is a $7 service...and worth every single penny. I spent less (because I wasn't tempted to throw stuff in the cart) and I left with my sanity (because I wasn't forced to grocery shop with two children). Win - Win. Also - dangerous and borderline lazy.
Finally - I'm pretty excited that one of my wine cup designs has hit the shelves in Winona Lake! My "sales rep" (aka: Jerry) took a cup into Eagle Creek Farms Market and she decided to sell them in her store! She is the woman who sells Rise n' Roll donuts...and I've considered getting paid in donuts. However, my CFO (aka: Tyson) thinks that's a bad idea.

Baby Update:
- Braxton Hicks contractions are still strong & often.
- I have my hospital bag 50% packed
- Baby Boy has some clean clothes & diapers all set
- He is still un-named
- I still haven't put clean towels in the car

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