Thursday, July 31, 2014

37 Weeks...and waiting

Unless this baby comes between now & midnight - he will officially be an August Baby. (don't even joke that he might be a September Baby...that's not funny) I'm 37 weeks and feeling like a mean, mean person. I'm just irritable. I guess it's good that I know this about myself right now. It doesn't mean it's okay. Pretty sure Tyson thinks "God, just let her have this baby already..."
I try to get the kids out of the house as much as we can, so they don't feel like they are living in a Pregnant Lady's Prison. We've done pretty well on our Summer Fun List, so far...and we have over a month left of "summer break."
Regardless - people are expected to help out in this "Pregnant Lady Prison." I bought a hand-held Shark vacuum and Jack thinks it's the best "toy" ever! Good! Yes, it IS a toy...and you "play with it" by running it on the couch & in the corners. Annnnnd GO!
Once the cushions are clean...apparently they should be stacked into a "pillow tower." I'm telling house looks "played in" 90% of the time and the couch is currently Jack's favorite toy. 

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