Friday, July 25, 2014

What's in my bag? Third Baby Version

So some of you may have heard of people doing a "What's in my bag?" on blogs/magazines, etc. If I did this for my purse people would be disgusted. I'll refrain. But I will say that I recently found a half-chewed fruit snack and a semi-rotting banana. See...pretty gross. 

Regardless - I packed up my hospital bag and, while I'm NO expert, I have learned that I don't need to pack my entire bedroom for my stay in the hospital. Since I have a lot of friends getting ready to welcome babies...I thought I'd share what I think should be packed.

My Bag: 1) Toiletries, just the norms (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc) I also pack an extra toothbrush for Tyson, just in case we are in a late-night delivery; 2) Medela Lanolin Cream (New Moms: EMBRACE it, love it, use it!); 3) Comfy "fat" pants - NEWSFLASH: you won't fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans (and if you do, we can't be friends) after having a baby. After Jack was born I remember looking at my stomach (which still looked 6mth pregnant) and thinking "What the HELL is this?" Trust me, fat pants with optimum comfort are KEY; 4) Bathing Suit top - okay this one is probably a head scratcher...but I plan on laboring and possibly delivering in a tub, so this needs to be included; 5) Nursing tanks - going along with the comfy pants, these are amazing. Nursing is always a big priority for me, so I make sure I have these in my bag. Honestly, I will wear them for MONTHS after this guy arrives 6) Towel - take a towel for yourself (and your hubs, if he is staying). The hospital gives you towels, but so far I believe the ones I've seen would barely cover my right thigh; 7) Feminine Care products - okay, truthfully, the hospital will want you to leave wearing a diaper, like your new baby. I'm not down with I always bring my own "items"

Additional (not pictured): phone charger, magazines (that I have been meaning to read for months), DSLR camera, basic make-up, Oreos - nothing makes me crankier than being denied an oreo after dinner
Baby Boy's Bag: 1) aden & anais Swaddle blankets - I just like how light these are. Aside from swaddling they also make great nursing covers, because they aren't hot; 2) Gifts for siblings - I am taking a couple "presents" from Baby Boy for Jack & Josie for when they come to visit us. Welcoming a new baby into the family can be hard for young kids...and while I truly believe we are giving them the BEST gift of all, a new brother, we will give a "peace offering," too (Josie may need it); 3) Newborn Size Diapers - the hospital usually only carries size 1 diapers, which are usually too big for my smaller babies. I bring NB size along (and steal the size ones for later {this isn't actually "stealing" - you will pay for the diapers in your $10k hospital bill}); 4) Going Home Outfit - baby boy will need an outfit to come home in. I bring a NB size outfit and an outfit that fits babies smaller than 7lb. (if you remember - Jack was tiny and nothing fit him); 5) Extra Onesies - I always have a few extra onesies on hand. Josie had one that announced her name...and this guy may, too - if we ever decide on a name.

Also - I have about 4 types of beer that Tyson has been instructed to buy for me once I'm home. If you are thinking, "maybe someone will take Kady a meal..." NO! Bring me a beer. It's what I miss the most when I'm pregnant. AND - for those concerned about the baby - I drink ONE beer after I nurse...and for the record, a Lactation Consultant once told me it helped with your milk supply. I believe her.

Finally - save some room in those bags to "steal" all the things the hospital provides! Pacifiers, diapers (as mentioned before), creams, etc. Seriously, YOU are paying for those things. Take them with you!

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  1. And your pillow. Don't forget your pillow! Unless you find sleeping on cardboard comfortable.


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