Monday, December 12, 2011

Breaking News:

We are making a very bittersweet move...back to INDIANA! Remember before Josie was born...when I said we were experiencing some "stressful times." I was referring to this decision. We are VERY excited to be heading back to our home state...close to our families and so many of our very best friends.

Tyson will be working for Zimmer - an orthopedic company in WARSAW (yes, my hometown!!). He will be a Product Marketing Manager for hips in North America! (If you're in the market for a new one, give him a call.) Click HERE to learn more about Zimmer.

We will be moving sometime in January. No decisions have been made. However, we know we will be living on the southwest side of Fort Wayne - about 5 min from Nancy & Denny and 35 min from my parents. Raising our children around their grandparents and most of their aunts & uncles (ahem, DEVIN!) is absolutely priceless to us.

Though this is stressful (especially with a newborn!) - we couldn't be more excited! We will give more updates as the move gets closer! noted, we will miss all of our MI friends SO much! This is the birth place of our children...the first home we purchased together...and we have made some wonderful friends here. The good news is, thanks to technology, we can ALWAYS stay in touch

...and the lake is only two hours away from Royal Oak! Come visit!


  1. This post got me teary eyed. But very happy for you guys! I'd jump at the chance of moving back home too if it comes along! Brooke will really miss you!

  2. Your video showcase is impressive....we are happy the Beckers are making their way back to the Indiana Crossroads to raise Jack and Josie as a HOO-HOO-HOOSIER! Josie has been good luck for the hoosiers, so the closer she is - the better we will be! So happy for you!

  3. We are SO SO so excited about the big move!! We look forward to hanging out all of the time & having our children grow up together! Ahh, we can't wait! By the way, Jace just loved the video....he was dancing the whole time. :) ~Julia

  4. Congratulations!! We love Fort Wayne! You'll have to give me a call once you're settled in!! We'd love to have you and your family over for dinner!! Although, we're a little partial to the NW side. :)

  5. Wonderful news!! Chloe is sooo excited (as is her mommy and Uncle Billy!!) I couldn't think of a better gift for both sets of Grandparents!!

  6. Hi Kady! Love your cute blog. Congrats on your new addition, Josie is so cute and I love her name. Just wanted to say good luck with the big move - I grew up on the southwest side of Fort Wayne - it's a wonderful place to grow up. My parents are good friends with the CEO of Zimmer and his family - I can have them put in a good word for Tyson! ;)


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