Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Blogger - Carrie Norton, mommy to Greta

Today, I am SO excited to bring you a guest post from Carrie Norton (aka: Greta's mommy).  Carrie and I met during our Masters at Marian University.  She was loud and funny and not afraid to voice her opinion. I was in awe of her and yet, also, a little afraid of her.  But I soon discovered that Carrie is a caring and compassionate person. And over the years I have been honored to call her a wonderful friend.  I know you'll enjoy her post! Make sure you visit Carrie and Greta on their BLOG - Carrie is SURE to make you laugh!


I am honored to be a guest blogger on Kady’s blog.  My name is Carrie Monforton Norton (that is my name, seriously), and I met Kady in 2006 at Marian College.  I believe it was the first day of Teaching class and we were sitting by each other.  We started to talk and soon realized we had a “Six Degrees of Separation” on our hands.  It turns out, Kady’s family is close friends with a family I grew up with in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan:  The Maldanados.  My brother, Joey, is close friends with the Maldanado’s second oldest son, Rick.  Small world.  And so our friendship began…….( I should also mention that Tyson played baseball  pitched against my husband in high school.  Again, a small world.)  Five years later, she lives fifteen minutes away from my family and I am in Bloomington, Indiana.  Like Tyson, my husband came to Bloomington to pursue his M.B.A. at Indiana University, but we have yet to leave.  In a funny twist, sometimes I think Kady and I should trade places---me, missing the great state of Michigan, and Kady missing all things Hoosier.

After graduating from Marian, Kady and I kept in touch.  Rather, I would call her and she’d give me advice---about teaching, marriage, pregnancy, and now, rearing children.  Kady was the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant.  Ironically, it was the day after my first Indiana University tailgate---Indiana was playing the University of Michigan.  (U of M is MY Big Ten team, NOT Indiana).  She was excited and reassured me things would be great.  She already had Jack , or Jackages Packages as I call him.  I felt like she was a great person to confide in, because of her outstanding parenting skills with Jack.  Nine months later, my daughter Margaret Elizabeth arrived on June 8th.  Again, Kady was the first person I called.  While my labor and delivery did not go according to plan, Kady was very supportive.  Margaret, or Greta as we call her, is now six months old and thriving.  Like Kady, I too started blogging to document Greta’s growth, 

**It should be noted that Kady attended my baby shower in March and was in the early stages of her pregnancy with Ms. Josie.  I was so excited, I told everyone at the shower she was expecting.  I knew Kady’s secret would be safe because no one there was a Facebook friend and it would not be revealed through social media. 

**It should also be noted that Kady and I attended a Tigers game on the day that Jack was conceived, or at least, that is what I believe. 

Now here I am with a six-month old daughter, and Kady with her little blessing.  I am most certain that Kady will raise Ms. Josie as a beautiful person----kind, considerate, artistic, articulate, passionate, and funny.  While I have no advice to a person who is raising a girl, I do try to live by this:  Take each day as it comes, and enjoy every moment as a blessing.  I am anxious to see what the future holds for Greta, but I am sure she’ll do well.  She knows she has a voice (through the shrieks and screams), and definitely knows how to get a person’s attention.  These are two qualities that are integral to life success.  (I should also mention Greta DOES NOT like to wear hairbows.  I’m still processing through this.  I hope this does not mean I’ll have the three-year-old in preschool with the dreadlocks from not wanting to get her hair brushed.  While this is not an important trait to have, having a neat hairstyle helps in life.)

Kady has been graced with two gorgeous, healthy children.  I have no doubt in my mind that Jack, and now Josie, will grow to be extraordinary people (who love the Detroit Tigers, support the Lions, and will appreciate Red Wing hockey…one day).

Thank you, Carrie! Now everyone imagine Greta as a three year old in dreads and it will help you get through your day!


  1. Carrie,Thank you so much for sharing... I really enjoyed it. Your daughter is SO CUTE, she looks like a very happy and easy going baby. Isn't it incredible the love we have for our children? I am so glad that Kady has you as a friend, you help make her day when she is having a rough one. Hugs, Shirlee

  2. That's the kind of guest post one needs to do. It feels so much like family. I love this post and would request you to continue blogging...


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