Friday, December 9, 2011

Daughter - Guest Post by Becky Christman

Today we have a guest post by my friend, Becky, from Naptime Confessional.  Becky and I did our Masters together at Marian University. She is now the mommy to her beautiful daughter, Lia (seriously, she has the most gorgeous eyes!!) and she has a baby on the way! I'm excited to share her post with you! Enjoy!

Miz Independent

So Kady asked me to write a little bit on having a daughter. I thought a lot about a lot of things. I could go sentimental about how I keep a journal of notes I write to Lia about once every couple of months because hopefully one day she'll be a mommy too but also so that she knows how crazy in love I am with her. Then things popped into my head like my fear of princess loving mean girls and eating disorders. Or about how I watch Teen Mom and pray that my daughter never ends up on MTV... or on any reality show. I assume most moms of only boys don't worry so much about these things...

But what I've really learned is to let Lia be Lia, even if it's not always what I want. Lia is a go getter, not a cuddler much to my dismay. She is spunky, bright, and tough. In fact just last weekend she fell down and scraped her knees in her Mimi's driveway. I didn't even know she hurt her knees until I took her tights off! She wears a pink and yellow cape, a monster hat she calls "pokey hat," and will pull any hair bow out of her hair faster than you can put it in. She talks in a monster voice even when it embarrasses me. Like when I told her to "come here," as I was trying to put her coat on, and she repeated it in the monster voice in front of company. I definitely lost my Mother of the Year nomination after that one. But then she amazes me with her ability to learn. She has a memory better than anyone and soaks up knowledge like a sponge. As a teacher, I didn't want to push any formal learning on her too early. But Lia lit a fire under me by learning her letters basically on her own. Now we play learning games and she loves it. She asks me for games all the time. 

When I dreamed of my little daughter, I saw cuddles and kisses and all those sweet girly things. But what I got was so much more. I don't get cuddles and kisses nearly as often as I like, but that makes them more precious. Instead I get to laugh at her silly style, marvel at how she learns like a sponge, and be proud of how she need can swing on a big girl swing and slide all by herself. I only hope that she stays independent and makes choices using the brain in her own head... and doesn't end up on reality tv.

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  1. What a beautiful little girl.! I love those big brown eyes. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I agree sometimes it is better to just let them be who they are. Kady went through a "No dress only jeans" time when she was about 5 or 6 and that stage about killed me off because she had such cute little dresses hanging in the closet. But that stage passed with age and the older she became the more princess like she was. Lia will grow up to be a great person because with loving parents guiding her, she has all she needs. Jack and Josie's Grandma Shirlee


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