Friday, December 2, 2011

Guest Blogger: Brooke Jakobsen, mommy to the Birthday Girl, MOLLY!

Today is a very special day. Two years ago today, Molly Karoline, came into this world. I was almost 9 months pregnant with Jack and I was anxious to hear how everything had gone.  Brooke and I had become fast friends. We bonded over aches & pains, sleepless nights, and our OB/GYN visits (TMI? Doesn't exist in a pregnant woman's world). I remember waking up at 4am and checking Brooke's blog. I cried tears of joy when I learned that Molly had arrived safely. I'm honored to call Brooke a friend. And thankful that Jack & Molly have enjoyed the first two months as best buds! Enjoy Brooke's post!

I am very happy for Kady and new baby Josie.  (Welcome to Michigan!)
And since blogging is probably one of the last things Kady has time for, I am happy to be a guest blogger.  My name is Brooke Jakobsen, and I am the mor (danish for mom) to a little girl named Molly.  A little birthday girl.  Today, Molly turns 2.  Two years ago to the day, I checked into Beaumont Royal Oak hospital while Kady checked out with Josie.  Two moms with two girls. They say Mother Nature has a way of making it so you don't remember much about labor and delivery.  However, Mother Nature didn't plan for my husband to document every single minute on our  And thanks to his constant updates, I unfortunately remember most of my experience.  There was complaining, pushing and screaming, "I can do this!!!"  And in the end, I took home the best early Christmas present ever.

I remember the day I found out I was having a girl.  My husband couldn't make the ultrasound appointment, so I was on my own.  Deep down, I knew it was a girl.  So when I put my phone on speaker and the nurse confirmed it with my husband on the other line, I smiled to myself because I knew all along.  (damn, feels good to always be right)  The first person I called was my mom.  No answer.  Not cool. Then I called my dad.  He was the first to actually get the news.  And I remember his exact words, "Damn, I owe your sister money."  Guess they had a bet going.  And he lost.  Molly turned 3 months old the day of my dad's funeral. So as you might imagine, Molly is extra special to me.  She is a part of my dad, just like I am.

I have learned that having a little girl is like having an instant best friend.  She gets me.  If I am sad, I know that she will hold me and pat my back to comfort me.  If I am happy, I get the best smile in return -- Molly will scrunch up her nose, just like my dad use to do. And if I curse under my breathe...yep, you guessed it.  She will repeat, "oh - my - god."  She likes to have her nails painted, wear "nunnies" when the sun shines and sing out loud.  She is a girl; sugar and spice and everything nice.

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