Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Flashback

When I was looking for a college - I remember thinking that being part of a sorority was something I wanted to do.  I never knew how much my sorority would impact my life - forever.  Not only did I learn invaluable leadership skills, I met some of my very best friends. My friends at Alpha Phi are girls I can call anytime and though we all live busy lives...we never miss a beat when we are able to reconnect.
 Some of my favorite people: Kelly, Georgianne, and Kassey.  This was Bid Night our Senior year. As I recall, I was feeling PRETTY happy. My term as President had just ended - which meant I could party again!
Tyson also met some of his very best friends at his fraternity - Beta Theta Pi.  This picture was taken at the legendary bar, Curly's - in Fort Wayne. These boys had just returned from a Wilderness Adventure in Canada. They were so far north - they didn't have running water. They bathed in a lake (ewww) and apparently the water was freezing.  When they got back to Fort Wayne - all of them were looking forward to a nice, hot shower.... however, Nancy & Denny had an issue with their hot water heater that day and they all had to take a cold shower. Hey, at least it wasn't lake water!

Tyson and I are both thankful for the friendships we made at DePauw. We were surrounded by so many amazing people - that we still call our best friends!

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