Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bon Voyage - Florida Part 5

 The final leg of our trip was the journey home. We had to leave rather early, but Jack convinced his Grandpa to take him on one final ride in the golf cart.
Jack looks sad.
 Josie was trying to figure out how sunglasses work. Fail.
Waiting for Daddy to return the rental car. Jack was being a 3 year old, again. Josie is showing off how she learned to cheese it up for the camera. Also - please notice how my "personal item" (aka: over - flowing purse) is about to bust at the seams. Think I was carrying enough stuff??

I'm happy to report that both kids were AMAZING on the flight home. Josie took a bottle. (See! I told you we'd regress) And then she was OUT for over an hour. (Bottle = worth it) Jack watched a movie and then fell asleep for the last 30 minutes. We will cross our fingers that our next trip is as successful.

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