Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gator Bait - Florida Part 2

We were promised a few things (by my parents) before we left for Florida:
1. It NEVER rains ALL DAY in Sebring.
2. There is an alligator that lives on the 18th hole.
3. Lots of cake & cookies (that was for Jack).

So - how did those promises pan out?
It rained ALL DAY on Thursday. All.Day. We searched and searched for that gator and thought it was a Sun N' Lakes conspiracy when we couldn't find him…yet everyone we met on our {many} gator hunts told us to look in the 18th pond. FINALLY - on the last day we saw him. 

And Jack got plenty of cake and cookies (more on that later).

We were wise to take a dip in the pool on Wednesday after our visit with Mickey. As mentioned, it rained ALL.DAY. Thursday, which meant no pool. But it was an excuse to shop.

 Jack loved the pool. It's safe to say he will be a little fish this summer when we open our pool.
 Josie liked sitting in the shallow end, but didn't enjoy getting her face wet.
Jack and his Grandpa Jerry on one of their MANY gator hunts.

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