Sunday, April 21, 2013

Touch A Truck

We went to a Touch-A-Truck event on Saturday. Jack was IN HEAVEN! He got to sit in SO many different kinds of trucks, including his favorites: a dump truck, a crane truck, and a fire truck. 

(Sidenote: we have been REALLY working on saying the "TR" sound with Jack. It comes out as a "F" sound…which is pretty embarrassing at times. Lots of F-Bombs flying around at an event like this!)
Sometimes he got to honk the horns. Double awesome.
 Josie. Not impressed with trucks.
She did get her picture taken with Mater though. (however, still not impressed)
Ohhhh - the Dump Truck. So this one is really great because he says Dum Truck (replace Tr with F). Fabulous. "I like the…!" "My favorite is the…!" "Can we go see the…?"

We met up with the Carstens along the way. Here the boys are touring a vehicle we hope NONE of them ever see the inside of for real - an ambulance.
And after all those trucks, we needed some lunch. So we visited one of Fort Wayne's finest: Coney Island. Delicious.  Although Josie was…not impressed. Go figure.

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  1. Dying at the F sound. Sorry Jack but that will be a very funny story when you're older.


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