Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Siesta Key - Florida Part 4

Friday morning started off gloomy and rainy. I'd had enough of it and made the call to pack it up and head west. It turned out to be a good call. We drove over to Siesta Key to see my dad's friend, Hively. They had a place right on the beach and it was AWESOME!

I was curious to see how my kids would react to the ocean. They say a picture says a thousand words, so:
Josie thought the waves and wind combo were terrible. Good news: She warmed up to it in time. Jack on the other hand LOVED it.
I think Jack would fit right in on a beach with a surf board. He's been asking to go back since we got home.
Josie eventually loved the beach, the ocean, the waves, and especially digging in the sand. She did not, however, enjoy the hat I wanted her to wear… And so it begins…wardrobe fights.
It was fun to be with my Mom and Dad! They made our trip SO easy and enjoyable. They have a beautiful place in Sebring and we really loved being with them. Thanks!!
Family pics.
Oh - and look who we found. That's right. It seems St. Nick is enjoying his vacation post-Christmas. Get back to work, old man! Christmas is 260 days away.

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